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Geteilte Welten Berlin 5th Oktober 2023 Geteilte Welten audio walk Geteilte Welten Berlin 5th Oktober 2023 Geteilte Welten audio walk

Geteilte Welten is an artistic research project that focuses on the entanglements of different forms of racialised, gendered, sexualised and ableist violence and examines the diverging ways of how they are remembered and commemorated.

In German the word “geteilt” means both divided and shared. Geteilte Welten are thus worlds that are simultaneously shared and divided; notwithstanding their segregation through codification, categorisation and fragmentation which maintain systemic domination, these worlds continue to intersect with each other.

Reading the different Holocaust memorials in Berlin Tiergarten through one another for their various entanglements and by being attentive to what gets excluded and what comes to matter, Geteilte Welten strives to become more attuned to how differences are created in the world and what particular effects they have on subjects, their lives and bodies today.

Using sound as a main medium and material provides a way to relate to what lies beyond the visible, to the hidden spheres of power and repression that structure memory culture. By amplifying the crossfades of the different histories of violence without silencing any of them and without establishing hierarchies of suffering between them, Geteilte Welten oscillates across multiple modes of sensing and knowing and hopes to formulate possibilities of remembering otherwise and across different communities.


The audiovisual work „interspaces“ constitutes a prelude. Other works will follow. Experience with headphones!